How To Find Cash Buyers And Build Your List Fast

cash buyers dispositions real estate wholesaling Aug 05, 2021

Even if you can spot distressed properties and motivated sellers from miles away, you can’t close deals without a cash buyers list

The bigger your list, the better. With a large list, you’ll never struggle to find buyers, land great offers, or be forced to cancel contracts.

Here are 4 proven ways to get in the game and grow your cash buyers list (follow along and you can connect with hundreds of cash buyers each day—even if you’re starting from scratch)...


#1. Scour Social Media

This is hands down the quickest and easiest way to create your cash buyers list and grow it in a flash. 

If I were starting over, I’d hop on Facebook and join every reasonably sized wholesaling group I could find. These groups can instantly unlock massive networks of active cash buyers. 

Once you find buyers, go build rapport with them. Remember, you’re a total stranger when you first connect—especially when you connect online or are virtual wholesaling.


#2. Network At Meetups & Events

No joke, I used to be an insurance salesman. I didn’t know squat about real estate when I broke into wholesaling. 

So how’d I get started?

By attending events hosted by my local Real Estate Investor Agency (also known as REIA). Networking there helped me build a wholesaling business that does millions in deals a year from the ground up. 

You can multiply the size of your list every time you attend a REIA event. Show up early, stay late, be respectful, and good things will come.


#3. Ask For Referrals

Several of the biggest businesses on the planet are built on referrals. I’m looking at you, Yelp. 

You too can cash in on referrals. Every cash buyer you add to your list can explode your network. Ask them to introduce you to others. Some will, some won’t. But remember, it never hurts to ask. 

If you already have a list—no matter how big or small—I encourage you to reach out to your cash buyers and ask for referrals right now. It could literally grow your list in minutes.


#4. Trade Up With Other Investors

Say what? 

Yes, you can trade lists with other real estate wholesalers. In fact, I encourage the thousands of students I coach each year to do so. It’s a little-known shortcut to success anybody can capitalize on.

Other investors are not your competition, they’re your collaborators. Some of your best collaborators at that. Trade up and the sky’s the limit. 

As you can see below, it happens in my ‘Close Your First Deal’ Challenge all the time. Here’s proof:


Size Matters—But So Does This

More cash buyers equals more offers … more offers equals  better deals … and so it goes. But just because cash buyers are on your list, doesn’t mean the job’s done:

You still have to build consistent rapport with them. 

Like everybody in the world, cash buyers do business with people they know, like, and trust. Get in good with them to get their best offers. Treat them like a number, and you’ll be lucky if they even open your emails. 

6 years in, my team and I still contact cash buyers to build rapport daily. Truth be told, we’ll never be “done” adding to our list and building rapport. We have 10,000 buyers on our list today—and we’ll still be searching for more tomorrow.


Want My Help Closing Your First Deal?

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