What’s a Cash Buyer’s List (& Why Do I Need One)?

cody hofhine real estate real estate business Jul 14, 2020

One of my secret strategies to real estate success is constructing a “Cash Buyers List.”

Consider it your real estate rolodex of hungry buyers who will snatch up your deals like wild banshees (getting you paid big bucks in the process).

I personally used my Cash Buyers List to close my first deal ever (I literally knew nothing about real estate at the time… and earned $24K on the deal), and have since grown that list from 100 contacts to 6,000+ en route to 7-figures a year in deals. 

Here’s what other real estate experts won’t tell you (because they don’t want to share the wealth): 

You don’t need a license, a stockpile of cash, and years of experience to close deals... 

...all you need is the skill to hunt down deeply discounted properties and a quality Cash Buyers List.  


With a Cash Buyers List you can: 

  • Close your first deal lightning-fast
  • Make money without spending your own money 
  • Cash in on every deal — even ones you don’t want
  • And “cherry-pick” the best deals for yourself 


Hefty claims, I know. Allow me to quickly reveal why this must-have resource is worth its weight in gold. 


#1. You Can Make Money — Without Spending Your Own Money.

Let’s rewind back to when I first got into real estate. I’d had a down year selling insurance and was living paycheck to paycheck (with a wife and kids to boot). 

I made $19,000 the entire year. That’s less than $365 per week. 

I wasn’t the provider or person I wanted to be.

Then, I found my first deeply discounted properly, got it in the hands of a cash buyer, and pocketed $24K in what felt like seconds. 

My life, my family’s livelihood, and our future changed in the blink of an eye.


Do you see what I didn’t do there?

  • I didn’t have to spend a dime of my own money (nor did I have a dime to spend).
  • I wasn’t on the hook for a house (I didn’t even have to buy the place).
  • I didn’t have to beg, borrow, or steal (just in case your skepticism’s creeping in)


All I did was follow the equation I reveal in the Real Estate Freedom Formula:

Deeply Discounted Properties + Hungry Cash Buyers = Massive Real Estate Revenue

If you can identify deeply discounted properties and have a list of cash buyers to share them with, you can make a killing in real-estate starting yesterday. 

I’d know, because the same Cash Buyers List that closed my first deal has since propelled my real estate empire.

It sounds like sorcery, but it’s actually quite simple. 


Here’s how it works: 

Cash buyers are always looking for their next great deal to expand their portfolio of properties…

...but they don’t have the time, interest, or desire to put in the legwork to uncover these deals themselves.

That’s where you come in. 

They want deals (AKA properties for pennies on the dollar) handed to them and they’ll take it from there — putting up the money, finding tenants, fixing and flipping, etc. Basically, all the stuff you don’t want to think about (or can’t afford to). 

With an arsenal of cash buyers in your backpocket, you can deliver them the deals they’re dreaming of on a silver platter — and be rewarded handsomely every single time.

And since you can’t buy the properties yourself (nor do you want to, at this stage), it’s a 100% risk-free way to earn some major moolah at hyper-speed.

It’s an equally thrilling and exciting win-win relationship. 

But a Cash Buyers List isn’t just for rookies (or struggling insurance men) trying to get their feet wet and score a payday...


#2. You Can Cash In On Every Deal (Even The Ones You Don’t Want)

Let’s say you’re already in the real estate game or have climbed your way up…

...you’ve got some jangle in your pocket (courtesy of your deal-hunting savvy or by your own accord), so you’re now investing your own cash into properties you actually own.

Your deal hunting is on point (a priceless perk of the Real Estate Freedom Formula), but you’re sick of passing on opportunities that don’t interest you or you can’t afford…

...the problem is: you don’t have a bottomless pit of money, so there’s plenty of deals you (reluctantly) pass on because you don’t have the coin to fund everything from the purchase to the rehab. 

It used to drive me (and my colleagues) absolutely insane; knowing we were missing out on opportunities to earn just because we couldn’t afford the deals stung (it still does to this day).  

After all, someone’s going to earn on every decent deal out there — so why not have that someone be you? 

With a Cash Buyers List you always earn. You can bat 1,000. It’s literally an unfair advantage and a cheat code rolled into one remarkable resource.


But there’s more...

With a list in tow, you also have the luxury (and freedom) to “cherry-pick”... 

...meaning you can buy in on the best deals for your portfolio (the ones you light up when you see) while cashing in on the deeply discounted properties that don’t personally interest you by passing the baton to other cash buyers. 

Yes, with a quality Cash Buyer’s List, you never have to pass on a good deal again.

Therefore, it’s a priceless tool for every real estate investor — no matter the stage of business you’re in (over the years, I’ve grown my list from 100 buyers to 4,000 buyers and every second spent adding contacts has paid off exponentially). 

So if you never want to experience the disappointment of turning a great deal down, have a Cash Buyers List handy.


How to Find Cash Buyers 

Naturally, you’re now wondering, ‘where do I find these mythical cash buyers’?

Well, I can’t reveal all of my secrets right here (you can hop in the Real Estate Freedom Formula for that)...

...but plant some seeds in the right places, find killer deals, and you can literally watch your list (and income) blossom. Cash buyers are chomping away at the bit for their next opportunity — all it takes is one great deal to have them hooked.

And eventually, you can leverage these “sharks” to facilitate a “feeding frenzy” that gets you paid your ideal number (and then some) on every deal (I show you exactly how to do so in the Real Estate Freedom Formula).  

Think of it like this: Cash buyers are on the sidelines anxiously awaiting to be tagged in on deeply discounted properties. They have money to spend and know how to turn a profit. So as intimidating as it may be to get out there and find them, these people will adore you when they see you’re capable of delivering irresistible deals.


Build Your Cash Buyers List Today

Whether you’re a newbie trying to get in the game (without risking your own money) or a seasoned investor sick of passing on deals (that aren’t for you or you can’t afford), you can start stockpiling money by building your Cash Buyers List.

With a quality list you’re off to the races, earning and churning while building a better future for you and your family. Skip it and you’re stomping on your own profits and opportunities.