Be A Solution Seller: Alter Your Approach To Close More Wholesale Deals

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Do you know the difference between benefits and solutions? It’s not tomato, tomahto, my friend...

The difference is subtle, but significant. 

Understanding it will instantly improve your approach to dealing with motivated sellers, boost your close rate, and get you more deals (no matter your market or experience level).

If you want to consistently close more deals, keep reading. You can learn this today and profit from it tomorrow.

Benefits vs Solutions: What’s the Difference When Wholesaling Real Estate?

99.9% of real estate wholesalers are what I call “benefit wholesalers.” 

Benefit wholesalers proactively tell sellers what they can do for them; offering up benefits before anything else. 

Here’s the problem: As real estate wholesalers, we all have the same benefits to boast about; speed and convenience. When everybody’s shouting the same thing, nobody gets heard. Plus, benefits show you care more about closing the deal than helping that seller out. 

Shift from a benefit-first approach to a solution-first approach by putting the seller first and the deal second.


Sell Solutions By Listening (Before Speaking)

Here’s a good way to hit this home: What always comes before solutions? 


Before you talk about benefits, listen to the seller’s problems. 

Hear them out... then offer up your benefits as solutions (I’ll show you how to do this in just a second).  Remember, you have two ears and one mouth to listen twice as much as you talk. 

To help you master this, here’s three scripts my students and I use today to go from benefit-selling to solution-selling...


Benefit-Selling vs Solution-Selling: A Distressed Seller With A Messy House

Let’s say your seller’s stressed out about cleaning up their home. You light up, of course. Because we, as wholesalers, buy as-is. Here’s the difference between benefit-selling and solution-selling in this situation:

Benefit: “I can clean up your house and buy as-is! Let’s do this thing!” (BTW, I picture the wholesaler jumping up and down like a circus poodle lol — sometimes excitement gets the best of us.)

Solution: “What if I could find a way to clean this place up for you, would that help you out Ron? If so, let me jot that down and I’ll see what I can do.”

See the difference? 

Instead of shouting I buy as-is, you offer up a solution to their problem. Saying the same thing in a different way builds instant rapport.

Here’s another good one...


Benefit vs Solution: A Distressed Property Needing Repairs

A benefit approach, in this situation, reinforces the thing that the seller probably already knows: You buy as-is. That’s not enough to get them to do the deal and work with you over anybody else.

Benefit: “Repairs are on me! I’ll buy this place as is!” 

Solution: “I understand why you’re worried about repairs, so let’s say you didn’t have to reseal the driveway and replace the upstairs shower. What if I could find a way to get the right people in here to do that for you … would that help you out?”

Now you’re making it perfectly clear that you’re doing this for them — not for you. That’s powerful stuff that’ll go a long way to getting you the deal. 

Here’s one more...


Benefit vs Solution: When Money’s Tight

Let’s say you have a seller who's scared to death about closing costs and fees. Here’s how to improve your approach:

Benefit: “I’ll cover all your closing costs. Let’s get this deal done!”

Solution: “It sounds like if we could put together some kind of agreement, that could possibly cover all those closing costs and save you some money, that might help you out. Am I hearing that correctly?”

Sure, when working with any wholesaler they can avoid closing costs and fees. But you’ve presented it as a welcomed solution rather than a benefit shoved in their face.


Make It About Them, Not You

In other words, listen to them; don’t talk at them.

Is this starting to come together for you? 

When you shift from benefit-selling to solution-selling, you go from a salesman to a savior … you build instant rapport … and you seize the leverage to get your price.

Solution-selling helps you consistently close more deals at better prices. 

Remember, sellers will sacrifice price when they trust, like, and love you. 

Now go sell those solutions!


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