How to Get Sane People To Sell Their Homes At Crazy Discounts

cody hofhine good deals real estate Aug 10, 2020

To make a profit wholesaling, you need to find and corral deeply discounted properties.

Sounds like a sham, right? Why would someone sell their home at a discount?

It’s not because they're crazy.

It’s because there’s 2 valuable things you can offer them:

  1. Speed.
  2. Convenience.

If they need both — and you can deliver — you have the perfect 1-2 punch to capture a unicorn; a property selling for dirt cheap that you can make a killing on.

Allow me to explain…

As a real estate investor, you’re in a service-based business. But you don’t command a salary, charge hourly, nor invoice monthly. 

You offer owners speed and convenience, that in the right situation, give you complete control of the deal.

And ultimately, allow you to get their home for dirt cheap.

Let’s start with the first, speed:

Why Speed Unlocks Discounts

The traditional home selling process takes at least 45 days — and that’s if every little thing that can go wrong, somehow goes right (don’t hold your breath). 

Our friends at Zillow noted the typical U.S. home spent 65-93 days on the market in 2018.

Meanwhile, a 2019 survey published out of California claimed 46-55 days.

And’s monthly report called for an average of 60 days on market as of July 2020.

The problem? 

Not everyone has that kind of time. A month and a half — minimum — to get a home off your hands can feel like forever and cost a fortune.

Think about it:

What if you have a job transfer? Can you afford to foot the bills on a vacant home while also ponying up for a new pad in a new city? Or, what if — heaven forbid — you lose your job? After all, no one can predict a pandemic

Unless there’s a new gig magically waiting for you, you have to be flexible to find something fast. That’s nearly impossible with a hefty mortgage on your hands.

Same goes for personal emergencies, like a sick family member or divorce. 

The truth is these kinds of situations arise all the time. And when they occur, traditional real estate methods won’t do.

That’s why people who need speed will pay for it by selling at a discount. 

But that’s not all…


Convenience Commands Price Reductions

There’s a laundry list of inconveniences that occur from offer to closing that can be deal-breakers. 

And the right owners will offer heavy discounts to side-step these hassles. 

Sometimes owners know about them before listing. And are well-aware they’re going to have to find a solution or take a hit.

Other times, “surprises” can arise later in the process; say at inspection or appraisal. 

No matter the timing, these issues are almost always related to repairs.

When owners don’t have the money, time, nor desire to cover the repairs, renovations, or upgrades needed to sell the house for what it’s worth, they’re willing to sell at a discount.

In fact, they need you to play ball. 

Good news for you.

Buy as is and you can almost name your price.

Think about it: You’re going to have to tackle the issues for them. Therefore, they don’t have to lift a finger and your cash buyer can turn a profit.


How to Command A Killer Deal

When you offer an owner speed and convenience, you’re often considered a savior.

Especially if they need both.

So long as you can deliver on a quick closing and buy as is, you suddenly have control of the negotiations and can name your price.

But it all comes down to first finding the right properties.Then you can analyze the owner and work your magic. 

So how do you identify these properties waiting to be had for a deep discount?

Let me show you...


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