An Open Letter To Newbies: Don’t Waste Your Money On Education

Dec 14, 2020

This one’s going to ruffle some feathers…

In fact, I might lose some business from it. I’m about to reveal a better alternative to education that cuts the learning curve... and helps newbies close deals like pros in record time. The thing is, it’s a bit controversial.

All I ask is you scan this, in its entirety, before you spend a dollar on any education. It’ll take 3 minutes tops. Then, you can blast my advice... or use it to your advantage to save all kinds of time, money, and effort en route to wholesaling your way out of your day job. 

What’s Better Than Education?

This little story has nothing to do with wholesaling real estate, yet everything to do with wholesaling real estate…

Let’s start with the key players: A professional wakesurfer. A headset. And yours truly.

I was recently in Arizona’s Lake Powell; a beautiful oasis surrounded by towering canyon walls in the middle of the desert. We have a houseboat there we sneak away to as often as we can... and we even invite a lucky few to tag along for SCALE from time to time. Anyway, last time we were there we ran into Connor Burn, the top wakesurfer in the U.S.

He hopped aboard to give us a few pointers while the kids and I took turns wakesurfing. I can ride alright, but I’m no pro. So I was giddy to have him show us a thing or two.

Here’s where things get good: I tossed on a headset that allowed Connor to pipe in instructions while I was behind the boat doing my thing. Simple things like point the board this way, lean that way, and so on.

Before we knew it, I was doing 360’s like I’d been doing them for years. Heck, my kids thought dad suddenly transformed into some kind of superhero. And I’m not gonna lie: I felt pretty darn cool.

The only person who wasn’t surprised was Connor

He knew something we didn’t: Instruction is more effective than education.

Does that make sense? Let me explain the difference…

Why Instruction Is Better Than Education

Education would have been Connor sharing some tips from the boat deck. My family gathered around listening in to hear what he had to say, taking mental notes before we hit the water. The same as reading a book, doing some Googling, or watching a few videos.

Point being: That’s education. Learning from a safe place to later go out and do your thing on your own. Which means, you’re left to fend for yourself. And unless some sort of magic happens, you’ll be tapping back into that well of education over and over again before you ever get any good.

I wouldn’t be doing 360’s to this day had Connor simply educated me. Now they’re second nature.

Instruction, on the other hand, is real-time feedback pointing you in the right direction as you’re doing things. In this case, the headset. With that thing on, Connor could tell me exactly what to do and when to do it, so I could learn and execute as we go. It made 360's easy by the end of the day.

See the difference?

Moral of the story: Education is great, if you want theories. If you want to learn about what you’re going to do, or what things will be like. Or if you want to pick up a few buzz words so you can speak the language.

It’s certainly not going to hurt you.

But is it going to get you on the fast-track to success so you can cut the learning curve entirely? Not a chance. If anything, it’s slowing you down. This applies to wakesurfing, wholesaling real estate, and just about anything. 

Here’s one more example to hit my point home: College. 

Kids spend 4+ years on campus getting educated before they ever hit the real world. It’s arude awakening when all that education is seemingly useless at their first full-time gig. Instead, they start getting real-time instruction from their superiors, and in most cases, their careers blossom — no thanks to education.

Again, I'm not against education. Nor am I saying college is a waste. But I find instruction is superior in real estate and beyond. 

Invest In Instruction — Instead of Education

You don’t get paid for what you know about wholesaling. You get paid for hunting down distressed properties and closing deals.

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Let’s get you in the game and making money as fast as humanly possible. And if you’re already stuck in the glue trap of education, this is your quickest way out.