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My Proven Step-by-Step System Shows You How to Consistently Find and Profit from Deeply Discounted Properties (Without Any Previous Experience).

Start closing deals and make money lightning-fast. 


Perfect for Newbies Who Want To Make Money In Real Estate, Generate Passive Income, and Earn Enough to Quit their Day Job.

Introducing the Real Estate Freedom Formula...

Step-by-Step System Reveals Everything You Need to Consistently Find Deeply Discounted Properties and Close Lucrative Deals at Hyper-speed.


  • Get into real estate & skyrocket your income following a tested & proven plan
  • Discover where to start & how to profit without any previous experience or qualifications 
  • Never spend your own money, borrow a dime, or own a property (unless you want to)
  • Close your first deal in 90 days (& get the skills, resources, & expertise to keep them coming)
  • Go from confused to confident & experience the thrill of living life on your own terms & earning financial freedom


The secret to making money in real estate (without risking your own cash) comes down to ONE thing: 

Your ability to find deeply discounted properties

All good deals begin with a discounted property.

I will show you the exact system I use to find properties for pennies on the dollar in any and every market (regardless of location, competition, and market status).

Recognize the telltale signs of properties literally begging to be sold for a fraction of what they're worth…

...and how to get those properties in the hands of hungry cash buyers who will happily pay you top dollar for delivering them the deal. 

Deeply Discounted Properties + Hungry Cash Buyers = Instant Profits

Join me to nail both parts of the equation and get on the fast-track to real estate success.


Hi, I’m Cody Hofhine...

...and you’re probably wondering who am I to make such promises?

Here are a few highlights:

  • Owner of multiple Inc. 5000 real estate companies (among other awards)
  • One of the country’s top real estate mentors, educators, and investors
  • Named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Utah Entrepreneur Association
  • Host of a top 5 investment podcast downloaded by millions
  • Real estate partner with icons like Dean Graziosi, Brendon Burchard, & Tony Robbins 

But before all that...

I was literally living paycheck-to-paycheck — until I discovered the Real Estate Freedom Formula. 

In 2015, I did my first deal for $24,000 in just 39 days.

That deal made me $5,000 more than I made the entire year (yes, year) prior as a full-time insurance agent.

From that point forward, I was all in.

I did 6-figures in my first 5 months … and over half a million in deals my first year.

I quit “barely getting by” and never looked back.

If like me, you’re lucky enough to have a family... and you enjoy some of the finer things in life — like good restaurants, memorable vacations, and spoiling your Disney-addicted kids with trips to the Magic Kingdom — it’s tough to say you can ever have “enough” money. 

That’s why, every day, I thank my lucky stars I got into real estate. 

Because now I have all the money (and freedom) I need… and then some. 

And every day, I experience the thrill and fulfillment that comes from helping buyers and sellers close win-win deals.

But the best part?

I don’t trade hours for dollars anymore. At least, not the way most do in corporate America. 


Here are a few things you should know about me:

  • I’m not a licensed realtor (and you don’t need to be either).
  • I’m definitely not a broker (nor do I want the kind of headaches they deal with).
  • I rarely spend my own money on properties (and I never did when I first started).
  • I don’t personally own hundreds of homes (I prefer to facilitate quick deals).


I still pinch myself every day, because I recognize how seemingly “surreal” it is that I’ve built a renowned 7-figure real estate empire…

...without any formal experience or education, “qualifications” most assume are required, or buckets of cash. 

Here’s the truth...

...if a struggling insurance agent who’d never purchased a home in his life can build a real estate empire from scratch, an ambitious person like you can too.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this exclusive invitation and join me inside the Real Estate Freedom Formula. 

I’m ready to help you every step of the way

- Cody

What Others Are Saying About Working With Cody And The Real Estate Freedom Formula


“Cody’s the Tony Robbins of real estate. He truly changed my life.” 

- Brian Hemmerle

“Cody’s coaching has supercharged our real estate business for the past 4 years and counting.”

- Jeremy & Michelle Beland


“I literally can’t say enough great things about Cody, his team, and this program.”

 - Brent Bowers

“Cody goes out of his way to share everything he knows in this course. I consider it an honor to have learned from him.”

- Bob Antonie


“If you’re so much as thinking about real estate, Cody is THE guy.”

- Andrew Williams

What’s Inside?

The Real Estate Freedom Formula reveals everything you need (& nothing you don’t) to confidently jump into the market, find deeply discounted properties, & build a lucrative real estate business from scratch.

✔️ Lifetime Access to the 10-Phase Freedom Formula ($10,000.00 Value)

This home-study, business-building video series transforms you from confused to confident step by step. It’s a “master-class” on the ins, outs, and rules of real estate guaranteed to get you in the game as fast as possible. And once in, it sets you up for sustained success so you (and your family) can rely on real estate as a revenue stream for the rest of your lives. 


✔️ 30-Day Business Accelerator ($1,000.00 Value)

Follow the tips, tricks, and strategies inside and you’re off to the races ... closing your first deal as fast as humanly possible. No magic, genius, or license required. This is a true “crash course” for hard-chargers desperate to dive in fast. Get laser-focused on the needle-moving tasks inside to collect your first 5-figure payday in the blink of an eye.


✔️ The Freedom Lifestyle Planner ($499.00 Value)

This personal development module gives you a rock-solid plan to earn the financial freedom you so desperately want. 16 secret questions generate a crystal-clear vision for your life — so you can make even the “wildest” of your dreams come true through real estate. (Skip this and I can almost guarantee your success will be limited to sporadic deals “here and there” ... at best.)


✔️ Money Map ($999.00 Value)

Too many people jump into real estate without an iota of financial literacy. They spend more than they make, live beyond their means, and ultimately end up right back where they started (no matter how many deals they close). Before you start cashing in on deals, the “Money Map” arms you with the skills to invest, generate, spend, and save money wisely, so you can transform your first deal into a revenue-producing machine that produces now and until the end of time.


✔️ The Deal Finder ($1999.00 Value)

This “secret weapon” transforms you into an irreplaceable resource sellers love and buyers can’t resist. With the “Deal Finder,” you’ll get my million-dollar method for finding deeply discounted properties lightning-fast (think pennies on the dollar) and closing them at hyper-speed (no matter your market, location, or competition). As a bonafide deal finder, you will capture “unicorn” properties that will make you money now (and well into your retirement years). 


✔️ The “ABC” Exit Method ($1999.00 Value)

Transform decent paydays into mega paydays and make the most on every deal with this proprietary system containing 3 lucrative exit strategies. Miss this and you could be leaving thousands on the table -— maybe millions over time. 


✔️ Build-Your-Business Blueprint ($2,499.00 Value)

This treasure chest of tools, resources, and guides helps you skyrocket your profits and go from getting started to dominating the market. From the “Motivated Seller Script” to the “Cash Buyers List”, you get the best-of-the-best strategies I personally use to earn millions. It makes growing your business simple, quick, and nearly-impossible to mess up. 


✔️ 24/7 Private Forum (Priceless)

Get instant access to our exclusive community of like-minded members and industry experts, discover the latest and greatest in real estate, get updates on under-the-radar opportunities, and a whole lot more. It’s a hub of accountability, guidance, and opportunity. You may even find the right people to partner up with to transform average deals into extraordinary deals (icons like Dean Graziosi continue to preach the value of forums like ours today). 


✔️ Millionaire Mentoring Sessions ($5,000.00 Value)


Get instant answers to your burning questions and expert advice straight from me, Cody Hofhine.

Remember, this is the same exact system I personally used to build my multi-million dollar real estate empire from scratch. All while wiping away debt, skyrocketing my income (and happiness), building passive revenue streams that will produce well into my retirement years, and taking back my time with a freedom-based business.

Now my system has helped thousands of students just like you achieve the same.

This is the only "on-demand" support I personally offer outside of my annual live retreat reserved for select VIP clients only.

And think about this: You get to meet with me weekly without the travel costs, lodging expenses, time commitment, or any added fees.

  • You get 11 extra months of access to weekly coaching sessions to help you always know how to strategically grow the right way.
  • This includes a monthly deep dive training session that goes into a key topic you must master in order hit 6, 7 or even 8 figures.


You’d normally pay $23,995.00 for all of this. But you won't be paying anywhere near that!

What Can I Expect?

In the first 30 days alone, you’ll:

  • Get the tools, resources, & know-how to master the modern art of wholesaling & start doing deals 
  • Jump in at the right starting point to close your first deal (the same place legends like Grant Cardone & Dean Graziosi got started) 
  • Learn how & where to find deeply discounted properties & killer deals nobody knows about (right in your own backyard and beyond)
  • Identify motivated sellers that are willing to sell their homes today for pennies on the dollar
  • Learn the secret, telltale signs of properties that can be had for dirt cheap (even if they aren't for sale). And how to get them in front of red-hot buyers ready to whip out their wallets so you get paid as fast as possible.
  • Construct a massive list of cash buyers who literally beg for your deals (so you always have a pool of interested buyers)
  • Smash doubt, fear, and insecurities so you break in & break through as fast as possible
  • Avoid the rookie mistakes, fatal flaws, and self-sabotage that instantly slam the door shut on deals (so you can close your first deal like a seasoned pro)

And From There, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Build passive income streams so you can stop working 24/7 (& literally make money while you sleep)
  • Put buyers in a “must-have” mindset so they feel obligated & honored to pay your desired price (and then some) every single time
  • Facilitate “win-win-win” transactions that leave everyone happy (& get you consistent 5- & 6-figure paydays)
  • Spark a ”feeding” frenzy of negotiations so you maximize profits on every deal (without actually negotiating yourself)
  • Get deals on-demand so you have new opportunities & constant cash rolling in at all times (no matter how hot or cold the market is)
  • “Cherry pick” the best deals for yourself to build your own portfolio & supercharge your passive income 
  • Maximize your profits right now & set up income streams that pay off well into your retirement years
  • Add A-players to your team so you can skyrocket your income & experience the pride and fulfillment of providing for others (without drowning in the workload)
  • Sidestep the competition in new & emerging markets & scale to seemingly unthinkable numbers
  • Transform real-estate from an okay income stream or hobby to a life-transforming source of money, happiness, and freedom

Who It’s For:

If you want to close a deal every now and again, make a few hundred bucks a pop (maybe break a thousand if you’re lucky), and pass on opportunities for passive income and financial freedom, this course is not for you... 


...but if you want to build a legitimate and lucrative revenue stream, earn money you can share with your kids (and maybe their kids), and eventually close 5 and 6-figure deals on-demand, the Real Estate Freedom Formula is for you.

There Are 3 Groups of People This Course Is Designed to Help:


If You’re Brand Spanking New to Real Estate

If You're A Seasoned Real Estate Pro

If You’re an Investor Who Has Closed Deals Before


If you’re brand spanking new to real estate (like I was just a few years ago)... I know you’re a bit intimidated, scared, and confused as you wonder where to start and how to get going. You’re also asking yourself, ‘is this too good to be true?’ Been there, done that. It’s not. And I’m the proof. 

Here’s what I say to you: As long as you’re ambitious, you have all the prerequisites you need to jump into the Real Estate Freedom Formula and start closing deals with conviction. And I’ll be here for you every single step of the way.



Seasoned vets... getting deals is no sweat for you. You have wholesaling down to a science. But are you ready to scale? Do you have the systems, strategies, and people in place to do 6 figures a month without letting the business swallow you whole? 

If so, do your thing – I’m rooting for you. But if you have any hesitation whatsoever, this course will reveal how to seamlessly scale and automate your business so you can do 6 figures a month and have deals rolling in like crazy while leaving the heavy lifting to a team you can count on.

If you’re an investor who has closed deals before... you too will benefit from the strategies inside. After all, you and I both know there’s more out there for you. And if you’re finally fed up with sporadic deals and inconsistent income, this course will push you “all-in” and transform real estate from a hobby to a life-changer.






🚫 Who It Isn’t For:

Like I said before, if you want to close a deal from time to time, make a few hundred bucks a pop, and prefer a capped paycheck signed by “the man” over a life-changing check you signed yourself, then this course is not for you…

...there are a few other characteristics that instantly “disqualify” you, so please read below before accepting my invitation:

  • People looking for a get-rich-quick scheme (sorry, move along. this requires work —  it just pays off way more than the traditional 9-5)
  • Those who don’t have the desire to serve others (this business is built on strong relationships and trust that lead to lifelong, lucrative partnerships)
  • Lazy individuals who won’t put in the work (the Real Estate Freedom Formula makes it simple, not easy. you’ll have everything you need to succeed, but it’s up to you to execute)
  • Those who want a “perfect plan.” While I’m remarkably proud of this tested and proven course, perfect does not exist. If you’re not willing to take imperfect action, don’t bother. 





You'll Love It...Guaranteed!

Not sure? No worries. I’ll give you a full 30 days to test-drive the program at no risk.

If at any time in the next 30 days you decide it’s not for you, simply shoot me an email and we’ll return your fee — no questions asked. So much to gain and nothing to lose. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer: No. 


You don’t owe me a dime beyond the upfront fee — which if you do the math, gives you tens of thousands of dollars of value for one small price. And you’ll likely 2-3X your investment on your first deal (which could be just 90 days from now). If you’re in, I suggest you strike while the iron’s hot and pound the buy button as fast as humanly possible.

The Real Estate Freedom Formula is a self-guided course. Students who hit 6, 7, and 8 figures in deals tend to dedicate a minimum of ~2-3 hours per day (or 15 per week) to the course to close their first deal. The truth is, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. Everything is there — and you have lifetime access — to make a killing in real estate.

Live, members-only coaching calls weekly and 24/7 forum support for 12 full months. These resources are priceless. You get instant guidance and advice from me and my team of experienced experts. And networking opportunities with like-minded individuals who you can learn from now and partner up with later on massive deals.

The national average is about $10K paid out per deal. Just 1 deal a month could earn you 6-figures this year ... easy. Imagine that!


And as your skills develop inside the course, you can continue to skyrocket your revenue. I personally land $20K+ per deal, and that number is attainable for anyone who takes the course seriously and executes on what is taught.

As soon as you commit, you’ll get instant access to the members-only portal. All course materials are available online and through your phone, so you can start closing deals at your convenience (and from the comforts of home).

Need Help? 

Got a question? Ask us! Send an email to and give us 24h to answer you.

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