What Our Students Are Saying


"If you spend any time with Cody at all, you'll understand his compassion for helping and serving others."

- Bob A.

"Cody actually practices what he preaches."

- Brent B.

"The value is INSANE for what he offers."

- Andrew W.


"You can tell that he really cares about the people he works with and the he loves what he's doing."

- Jeremy & Michelle B.
New Hampshire

"Cody's literally changed my life."

- Brian H.

"The value of this thing (deal closing mastery) is just insane!"

- Joe N.


"There's a lot of value there (deal closing mastery)."

- Phillip V.

"Meeting Cody has changed the trajectory of my business and of my life."

- Greg B.
North Carolina

"Cody's coaching program is real comprehensive and gives you actionable steps."

- Naqib M.
Rhode Island


"It's hard to not be successful when you have a great coach behind you."

- Terry M.
New Hampshire

"I've built a community of people through the Real Estate Freedom Formula."

- Austin B.

"I've done about 7 deals all in a population of about 16,000 people."

- Jordan E.


"I went from not knowing anything to now having a system to be successful in real estate."

- Tyler H.

"The program is AMAZING. Cody explains everything very thoroughly."

- Michael M.

"We were able to really scale up using Cody's formulas."

- Sean H. & Matt B.
New Mexico


"Watch the videos, take actions. Then watch some more videos, take more actions. And then you will have a deal!"

- Christina G.
DC, Maryland, Virginia

"Cody Hofhine definitely knows his stuff. Listen to him!"

- Ashwin V.

"REFF is unbelievable. Cody teaches you from A to Z"

- Bryan M.


"Cody knows his stuff, and it's not about just what he knows, but it's what he's practicing and doing every day."

- Vance C.

"I was able to close my first deal in less than 2 months."

- Josh D.

"Don't think too much, just go ALL IN! It will be well worth the investment."

- Josh H.



"We've really really enjoyed this course! It's been so helpful. It's been a lot of fun. And it's been VERY VERY CLEAR!"

- Mary & Joe L.

"I love all the videos that give instruction along the way!"

- Kalburt D.