The Only 3 Tools You Need to Get Started In Real Estate (& Close Deals Like A Pro)

cody hofhine real estate real estate business Jun 23, 2020

Imagine this...

Your heart’s thumping … your nerves are through the roof … and you’re feeling frazzled…

As the 11th hour hits on your first deal (one that guarantees a 5-figure payday in seconds), you just want to look like you know what you’re doing as you plead with the man above to make things go as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

You hope no one recognizes your inexperience. You pray you don’t blow it with a rookie mistake. And you do everything you can to exude confidence while literally freaking out inside.

This was me — closing my first deal for $24K back in 2015. 

I flipped through all the “worst case” scenarios in my head like an endless rolodex. I was well aware that this single deal could bring in thousands more than I made the entire year before — all in the blink of an eye.

Despite the pressure, I closed that deal and never looked back. 

As I constructed multiple 7-figure real estate businesses (without a degree, license, or experience) over the next few years, I was able to trade that day 1 confusion, anxiety, and overwhelm for confidence because I invested in the right tools. 

These are the 3 tools you need right now to get in the game and do deals as fast as possible


CRM System

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

This is an all-in-one database that captures every valuable piece of contact information you’ll ever need (and are likely to lose, forget, or overlook without it). 

Your contacts live here — from cash buyers to sellers — along with notes, reminders, and details you could need as soon as tomorrow (or have to magically drum up years from now).


Think about it... 

  • A buyer you reached out to ages ago is suddenly back in the fold. How do you refresh your memory and pick the conversation up at the right place? 
  • A lead responds to your direct mailer; where do you house their information and relevant notes about them? 
  • Your cash buyers list is well over the magic number of 150. You can’t keep track of names, phone numbers, and emails anymore. How do you avoid letting them slip away?


A CRM system is the solution to all of the above (and then some). We use (and as a bonus, you’ll get my pricing)

It’s your golden ticket to success. Ensuring you never squander a lead, blow an opportunity, or lose valuable contact information again. 

There are tons out there, but we like  X. Do your research and find what works best for you. 

It’s the smallest investment you’ll make in something you’ll need — and will pay off exponentially — now and for the rest of your life.


Call System

If you’re anything like me, you’re squirrely about giving out your cell number. 

The constant robocalls are as annoying as it gets. Getting put on the spot can be the kiss of death. And there’s nothing worse than getting trapped on a call with that guy you would have ignored had you known his number. 

This applies to your business, too. You don’t want everyone who bites on your marketing getting directed to your cell and having on-demand access to you. 

Your call system collects incoming calls and pings you as needed. Pick up the calls you want and ignore the ones you don’t. And you’ll look like a pro as callers get routed to your “business” voicemail, rather than your personal voicemail that hasn’t been updated in years. 


The benefits come down to this:

  • Never give out your cell.
  • Look like a pro.
  • Get the alerts you want (and none you don’t)
  • Control accessibility to you. 


Nowadays, I have a team of 13. All the calls and voicemails go to one number, but thanks to our preferred call system, CallRail, they get redirected to the cells of the right people at the right time to keep business humming (and my privacy intact).


Email Platform 

Some CRM systems have this built in (like XYZ) but it’s often 

The truth is you need a reliable and easy-to-use email platform so you can fire off deals and contracts to your hundreds (over time, thousands) of cash buyers at the push of a button. 

And you want to do it without having to copy, paste, edit, and tweak hundreds of emails for a tedious timesuck.

It’s a lightning-fast way to close deals, avoid rookie mistakes like accidentally sharing private contact information, and keep people interested in your deals. And it helps you sidestep spam filters so you can count on your emails being seen and people actually wanting to work with you.

We like the simple functionality of Mail Chimp, but there’s countless others out there. As always, don’t waste too much valuable time researching. Pick one and hop on the fast-track to success.


3 Essential & Inexpensive Tools Every Real Estate Newbie Needs


  1. CRM. Never lose a contact, lead, or opportunity again. 
  2. Call System. Look like a pro and maintain your privacy. 
  3. Email Platform. Get your deals out there as fast as humanly possible. 


Start Closing Deals With Confidence

You can’t start a project without the right tools... 

And the same goes for your real estate business. Luckily, the tools you need as a newbie don’t change over time. They are wise (and inexpensive) investments that will continue to pay off for as long as you’re in the game.

Stop worrying about your lack of experience and start closing deals with confidence by building a rock-solid foundation for your business to sit on with these incredibly useful tools.