How to Attract “A-Players” To Skyrocket Your Wholesaling Business

Mar 30, 2021

I learned this lesson the hard way…

...but before we dive in, I want you to think about this: What makes any great college athlete commit to a school? 

It’s almost guaranteed they’ll affirm their decision by saying something like, “Coach made me feel welcome. The team has a winning tradition. It’s a program I wanted to be a part of.” Or some combination of all 3.  

The same goes for real estate.

Just like a college coach, you need a team of studs to get you to the next level. You want what I call “A-Players.” Team members who know what it takes to be great, and have the potential, desire, and ambition to do anything to get there.

As my business was growing, I thought I knew how to recruit A-Players. Boy was I wrong. Here’s why you need them, how to attract them, and some words of wisdom from the guy who got it wrong the first time around...


A-Players Are Attracted to A-Leaders

Early on, I was sure I was an A-Leader. I assumed I could just be an inspirational guy who had the right attitude and a decent business, and talent would be drawn to me. It didn’t work out that way — not at all.

The first “A Player” I hired jumped ship in the blink of an eye. Offended, I asked why they were leaving. Their answer: “It just doesn’t feel like you know what you’re doing.”

Ouch. That one stung.

Looking back, that’s on me. I wasn’t an A-Leader. I didn’t have the infrastructure, strategy, and track record to keep top-tier talent yet. 

The truth is you’re not going to get A-Players with just attitude. You have to show them you have what it takes to put them in a position to succeed.

After all, nobody wants to lead their leader... 


Great Talent Doesn’t Just Show Up At Your Doorstep

As amazing as it would be to attract strong team players by simply sitting around the house, posting on social media, and pulling from friends and family — it’s not how this works. 

No one who’s worth their salt is banging down your door from day 1 looking for a gig. And recruiting your aunt’s cousin’s kid who’s searching for a little side work isn’t going to move the needle.

However, once you earn (yes, earn) the opportunity to attract top talent, A-Players will start flocking to you. After all, A-Players hang with other A-Players. What I mean by that is this: 

Once you’re in a position to attract the right talent — and you do so — they will bring more talent to you. Referrals and word of mouth spread like wildfire. 

At SCALE, we help skyrocket your business into that 7-figure stratosphere where A-Players are almost as likely to find you, as you are to find them. And more importantly, we give you the secrets, strategies, and shortcuts to ensure they want to join you — and stick around for the long run.


You Have to Grow Your Team Strategically

You don’t just find some talented people, have a group high five, and start closing tons of deals. Even an A-Player can’t give your business a boost if they're in the wrong role. 

After we lost that first team member, we realized we needed to stop trying to hire whoever we could find and put an actual growth plan in place. We outlined the right roles and prioritized them according to a plan (yes: roles, responsibilities, milestones, and all that other stuff that actually works in big business). 

We brought on one person the first year, worked with them, and began building momentum. That one person helped us close enough deals to hire another person. We continued to fill the right gaps … at the right time … with the right talent. And business soared from there.

It was our plan that positioned us as A-Leaders and allowed us to attract A-Players. That’s not to say we were schlubs. Developing that plan required us to up our own games. But it also gave prospective team members a glimpse into the future and showed we had our you-know-what together.

Now we have a team of 13, propelling our business to 7-figures annually — and doing millions in deals in multiple markets. Not to say it was smooth sailing, but we wouldn’t have gotten there without a plan.


How to Become An A-Leader

Thinking you have what it takes without needing to learn anything more is a one-way ticket back to where you started — broke, frustrated, and punching a clock.

The late Jim Rohn said, “Rarely does your income exceed your level of personal development.” So true. This quote has been a godsend to me throughout the years. 

Those who invest in instruction are rewarded handsomely. Those who don’t, typically let arrogance get the best of them. 

My advice to you: Seek out ways to learn and grow from people who are where you want to be. Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s someone else. 

The better you become, the more likely you are to attract A-Players like a magnet. Remember: If you can’t attract or retain these talented team members, it’s not on them — it’s on you.


Level Up Your Leadership At SCALE

I’m not going to beat around the bush: SCALE will take your leadership, deal flow, and bottom line to the next level.

A-Players want to be on winning teams that consistently close deals. After another $4M+ year, I’m peeling back the curtain and sharing every single one of my systems, strategies, and secrets to help you skyrocket your business — without drowning in it.

If you’re not already an A-Leader, I’m certain you will be after a weekend with us. Keep in mind: Without a team, your business is always capped. You’re working around the clock and there’s only 24 hours in the day — no matter what you do. Let’s get you to the next level this year.