How Long Does It Take To Do Your First Real Estate Deal?

close deals cody hofhine real estate Aug 17, 2020

It doesn’t take any previous experience or expertise to close deals in real estate...

But there’s one thing it always requires: Time.

And time is one of the few factors that’s almost entirely out of your control. 

Deals don’t grow on trees (though, if you know what to look for it can feel like they do).

And as a total newbie, even deals that close at hyper-speed can feel like they take forever.

Unfortunately, positive vibes and happy thoughts don’t expedite timelines. But the right coaching, characteristics, and strategy can. 

Here’s what to expect as you work toward your first deal...


Your First Deal Typically Takes 30-90 Days

I had a student close his first deal just 7 days in. He literally made 7 grand in 7 days.

But that’s not the norm... and I’d be lying if I pushed it as such.

Truth be told: Even 30 days is a bit ambitious.

That said, I managed to close my first-ever deal on day 39 without any previous experience, education, or credibility. 

On the flip side, some of the most qualified real estate investors in the world didn’t close their first deals for well over a year (or longer).

As a general rule of thumb: The sweet spot is 30-90 days — if you’re following the right methods and putting in the work.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to further set yourself up for success... so when that first deal comes, you don’t drop the ball.


The 3 Things You Must Do To Close Deals (& Avoid Self-Sabotage)

While you can’t necessarily “will” your way to deals, you can do the opposite: Self-sabotage your own opportunities.

And unfortunately, I see it happen all the time...

Newbies expecting quick cash without putting in the work, leveraging best practices, and listening to mentors are destined for failure. 

Here’s 3 easy ways to dodge these rookie mistakes and fatal flaws:

  • Work hard: Sweat equity counts.
  • Take massive action: Even if it’s imperfect.
  • Fail forward: Learn from your mistakes.

Skip these 3 “rules” and you could be scratching and clawing for your first deal decades from now.


The Real Truth About Being The “New Guy” In Real Estate

This industry will test you. 

And while you can get in without cash, credibility, and experience, it will chew you up and spit you out if you’re not relentless and ambitious.

These are just baseline skills you must have to have any shot at success.

Exercise them, and your first deal could appear faster than you could ever imagine. Skip ‘em, and your first deal may never come.


How To Close Deals As Fast As Possible

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