Dispositions: The Secret Way To Make More Money On Every Wholesale Deal

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How to Get Better Offers: The #1 Disposition Hack Nobody Talks About

You have a property under contract—now what?

Most wholesalers leave stacks of cash on the table every time they unload a home. After all, everybody talks about acquisitions—not dispositions.

What if you could start a “feeding frenzy” of offers to drive your price sky-high? 

Let’s say you could pack the inspection with dozens of hungry cash buyers … get offers flying in left and right; each higher than the one before … and sell every property an average of 10–15 thousand dollars above your ideal price (not just your asking price).

My friend, you can do just that. Anybody can. 

In fact, I teach this low-effort, high-reward disposition hack to all my students almost daily.

If you want to make more money wholesaling real estate, keep reading to get mountains of great offers on every property.


My #1 Disposition Hack: “Flip” Your Asking Price

Think about your typical disposition process:

Most wholesalers list the property for the price they want; their “asking” price.

They never think twice about it (nor do you). You never thought you had to. 

After all, the logic is sound: The 1 or 2 buyers who show up know what you’re expecting. Therefore, you can expect them to make an offer near that price.

The problem is there’s no competition. 

They aren’t incentivized to offer you the moon—let alone their best price—because they recognize there’s little interest in the property. No wonder so many of them low-ball you.

Now picture this …

Instead of an “asking” price, you list a “starting” price. It’s lower than what you want—and less than the property’s worth.

Nail that number and you have a packed house for the inspection. Cash buyers are shoulder to shoulder like sardines in a can. 

Then guess what happens …

Competition, ego, and excitement get the best of them. Offers flow in like a river … and you pile up a stack of them that blow your “starting” price out of the water. 

That’s not even the best part …

Think back to your ideal price; the one you always hope for, but never get. That number pales in comparison to what you’ll get now that there’s fierce competition.

Here’s the kicker: You have all the bargaining power in the world to drive that price higher and higher thanks to the heaps of offers in your hands.

That, my friend, is what I call a “feeding frenzy.”

And the way it happens is simple: 

Flip your “asking” price into a “starting” price. Then list the property lower than you normally would.


Why This Works For Every Wholesale Deal

Cash buyers are no dummies. You know this. They have all that cash because they’re careful with it.

When they see a property listed for less than what it’s worth, they circle like sharks and show up starving to score a deal.

They all have egos ... the competitive juices start flowing ... and once they’ve made an offer, they want that property just as much as the next guy or gal. 

Think of it as a game for them. One they always play to win.

With a packed house for the inspection, you have buyers right where you want them: Hungry for a deal and in the thick of a bidding war.

From there, be patient. Painfully patient. 

The longer you wait, the better offers you’ll get.


The Bottom Line

Small things get big results. I tell my
wholesaling students that all the time.

The disposition process is one of those little opportunities to get massive offers.

By making a slight change to your approach, you create more competition … activate more egos … and earn more offers.

Remember, more offers always leads to better offers.

Think about that.

Now that you know what to do, go start that feeding frenzy!


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