5 Traits All the Best Real Estate Investors Share (That Have Nothing To Do With Real Estate)

cody hofhine real estate real estate business Jun 30, 2020

The others don’t want you to know this… 

But no license, genius, or Harvard degree is required to make it big in real estate.

Nor does age, gender, race, or background play much of a part.

These 5 common-sense tips, tricks, and traits can quickly unlock the door to a profitable real estate empire (or really any kind of empire your heart desires).

I’ve personally coached hundreds of aspiring real estate investors worldwide to build 6- and 7-figure businesses from scratch thanks to the lessons below (and my master class, the Real Estate Freedom Formula). 

But keep in mind, common sense is not common practice.

So as simple (and at times, obvious) as these seem, you must force-feed them into your daily life to harness their remarkable power. 

First up…


Seek Progress — Not Perfection

Less time comparing, planning, and perfecting. More time taking action.

 Too many are stuck in the quicksand of learning over executing. It’s the #1 mistake I see every newbie make. All “paralysis by analysis” does is slow you down to a screeching halt. 

What if that time you spent researching, contemplating, and gathering information to craft your “master plan” blows up in your face? Imagine months, years, even decades of setting yourself up for so-called success only to strikeout on your first swing (and restart at square one).

Even the best laid plans go awry, my friend.

Instead take consistent, imperfect action. Learn from your mistakes. Fail forward. And constantly progress.

You can get paid on your first real estate deal in less than 90 days by adopting this attitude of progress … or you can chase perfection and never close a single deal. Stuck where you’ve always been and haunted by regrets.

Avoid the constant state of under construction by chasing progress, not perfection.


Be Abundant

There are 3 types of mindsets — simplified to a pulp below:

  1. Scarcity. Scoop up what you can because there’s never enough to go around.
  2. Competitive. Stomp on everyone else to get your shot at the scraps.
  3. Abundance. Get what you deserve, regardless of circumstance.


The best real-estate investors in the world — people like Grant Cardone, Dean Graziosi, and Robert Kiyosaki — have an abundance mindset. And look where it’s taken them.

When I experienced this mindset shift, I almost instantly went from 6 to 7-figures annually and watched my income, impact, and happiness skyrocket.

The truth is there’s more opportunity in real estate than you could possibly imagine. There are boat loads of deeply discounted properties out there for the taking. Far more than any one person can handle. And limitless markets where competitors live in harmony (if they ever even cross paths).

That’s why I’ve been able to do deals with the aforementioned Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and more. And my community of Real Estate Freedom Formula students constantly partner up on win-win deals where everybody gets a piece of the pie thanks to this “abundance” mindset.


Attack Fear With Proximity 

Whether you’re working toward your first deal or expanding your portfolio, doubt, anxiety, and fear will creep in. And they can be crippling. Putting you at an immediate standstill and shooting down your dreams, ambition, and opportunities on sight.

My advice: Acknowledge those scary feelings. Then lock in and face them head on.

Though you may not feel fearless right now, attacking your fears will transform you into such and allow you to evolve. Ultimately, that thick skin will help you coast over the bumps and roadblocks no one is immune to on the fast-track to real estate success.

Rewind back to your younger days. The fearless version of you hopped on a bike with training wheels. Took a few spills and carried on. Ready or not, your parents popped off those training wheels and you learned how to really ride. You got guidance, found your balance, and eventually pedaled off into the sunset.

When it comes to making bank in real estate, you need to ditch the training wheels and start pedaling — no matter how scared you are. Staying in your comfort zone is like putting a hard cap on your finances and future.

If you’re cool with ordinary, average, and okay, no need to keep reading. Your fears will always smother your success. But if you attack them, they will propel you forward at hyper-speed.


You’re The Average of Your Inner Circle

Good luck finding a successful person who doesn’t wholeheartedly believe this. The people you run with most rub off on you — and you, them. It’s why you have shared interests, habits, and mindsets.

Do a quick audit of your 5 closest friends. Scared? Excited? Concerned? Their imperfections and flaws are likely nestled in you, too. As is their attitude, ambition, and drive. And if you think not, chew on this: Can you swim in a pool without getting wet?

When you accept that the folks around you can help you rise (or faceplant) you begin to upgrade your surroundings.

Sure, there’s history, feelings, and emotions attached — and you’d hate to ditch your deadbeat bestie who needs you more than you need them. But you don’t have to forget or stop caring about them. You’re just going to find new people who force you to level up 

Want to be a successful entrepreneur? Network with some. CEO? Same deal — your inner circle should be littered with C-suite execs. Real estate investor? Welcome to the club. We have a tribe of like-minded students inside the Real Estate Freedom Formula, so you never feel isolated, alone, or limited by your crew. And many become friends, mentors, and even business partners all while experiencing the thrill of building businesses together. 

All that to say, you need to discover and get close with people who make you better — or join us for an instant upgrade.


Your Income Will Never Exceed Your Personal Development

I get it. You’re skeptical of this one (as was I).

Call me crazy, but these wise words from the late, great Jim Rohn have proven true over and over again in my life. 

And I’ve witnessed this strange (but true) phenomenon happen for my mentors, mentees, and more of my students than I could ever count.

So if you’re yearning to bust through your financial ceiling, toss that monkey off your back by investing in your personal development. You can’t go wrong with investing in yourself. And there’s endless books, courses, events, and more you can tap into in the blink of an eye.

In my humble opinion, every second spent on personal development will pay off tenfold.


5 Forgotten Traits Every Successful Real Estate Investor Has (& Nobody Talks About)

  1. Seek progress, not perfection.
  2. Adopt the “abundance” mindset.
  3. Attack fear with proximity.
  4. Upgrade your inner circle.
  5. Increase your income by increasing your personal development.


The Bottom Line 

These 5 “common threads” are a mix of tips, tricks, shortcuts, and secrets that when blended together can virtually guarantee success in real estate.   

If you want to get in the real estate game without a boatload of cash, a license, or any kind of experience, get a heaping dose of personal development, and close your first deal as fast as humanly possible, apply for my Real Estate Freedom Formula. 

And remember, don’t let your own insecurities and naysayers hold you back. Dig in and use these high-performance tips to finally maximize your potential and live a life you’re proud of.