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  • Lock down your Vision for starting up your real estate company (without having to be a licensed realtor or risk any of your own capital)
  • Best practices to have sellers literally give you their deeply discounted properties (I'll show you my sneaky tactic that gets me deals for 40-50% off!)
  • Map out how to find awesome properties that have major upside with zero risk!
  • Call out and blast away your #1 'money mindset' issue that is keeping you from the riches and lifestyle you deserve.
  • I'll reveal my step-by-step process to warm up leads over the phone WITHOUT having to pressure them or feel salesy.
  • Explore whether my brand new coaching program is the right fit for you to finally launch your real estate business and start earning the income you're after. 


If you’ve been following me or awhile, on the fence about booking your call or fearful that this is just a way to get you on the phone to sell you something you don't really want…

There is never any pressure to buy anything on these calls. 

I’m here to help you get total clarity on what to focus on, steer you away from things to avoid and share my experience building a 7 figure real estate business... 

Then if I like your energy (and you like mine) and I feel we can help you get results within the next few weeks, I might tell you more about my invite only Real Estate Freedom Formula coaching package.

Why don’t I invite everyone in?  

Because my coaching isn’t right for everyone.  I only want people who are primed for big results.  

My vision is to make a big impact in the world by coaching people who are ready for success.  

If the Action Steps and clarity you get on the call is all you need at this time, then I wish you success...  

But if you feel you would benefit from a step-by-step system you can follow (plus all the support you'll ever need), then we can see if we're the right fit for each other.

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“Cody’s the Tony Robbins of real estate. He truly changed my life.” 

- Brian Hemmerle


“Cody’s coaching has supercharged our real estate business for the past 4 years and counting.”

- Jeremy & Michelle Beland


“I literally can’t say enough great things about Cody, his team, and this program.”

 - Brent Bowers

“Cody goes out of his way to share everything he knows in this course. I consider it an honor to have learned from him.”

- Bob Antonie


“If you’re so much as thinking about real estate, Cody is THE guy.”

- Andrew Williams


  • Above you can meet some of my students. I didn't pay them to share their stories.
  • Results aren't typical results. Every person, niche and business is different. What you do with our info is entirely up to you.
  • I trust the results are students share with us. I do not check their financials or company revenue to verify that their results are 100% accurate. Please make your own decisions and don't base them on what others share.

These success stories are based on what our students share with us.  We haven't verified any financial data, but we trust their integrity and want to inspire you to become our next success story.

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Cody Hofhine

Cody Hofhine, A multiple Inc 5000 Business Owner, Founder of Real Estate Freedom Formula and Co-Founder of Utah Sell Now is a successful Real Estate investor/mentor, High Performance Coach and sought after Speaker. 

He used his background in sales to quickly build a 7 figure Real Estate business that was built on the principles of Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence. 

Cody has coached numerous students on how to successfully Build their Real Estate Business through his real estate trainings as well as help individuals perform at their highest levels by going through his High Performance Coaching.

Brands Who Have Trusted Me:

Cody Hofhine has coached thousands of Real Estate Entrepreneurs to create passive income.  Are you next?

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