A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

January 5-8 | Salt Lake City, UT









What is SCALE ?

The Real Estate game is changing. FAST. That's why for the past 3 years we've gathered in some of the nation's top real estate entrepreneurs for 3 days of learning, practicing, and networking.

This year, we're excited to offer brand new, once-in-a-lifetime experience to a few top individuals. If you're someone who wants to SCALE your business to the next level in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet, this is YOUR event.





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Why You Should Join Us

The People

You'll meet a handful of the nation's top real estate entrepreneurs that have experienced the same struggles and problems that you've had to overcome in your business.

These are your people, and you'll be able to network, exchange ideas and strategies, and build lasting relationships with people that want to see you succeed.

The Content

Get ready for 4 days of some of the best real estate content that you'll ever find. 

Cody and his team will share every technique and strategy that they've developed over years of trial and error that have helped them build a 7-figure real estate business from the ground up.

We'll also give you opportunities to share your experiences and practice everything that is brought to the table.

You'll leave SCALE with tons of actionable content that you can immediately apply to your business.

Your Ticket To SCALE 
Salt Lake Includes

  • 4 days, 3 nights in beautiful Salt Lake City
  • All your meals included
  • Networking with some of the top wholesalers in the nation...all in one place
  • Awesome activities in "the greatest snow on Earth"
  • Most importantly...4 days of high-value education from some of the best real estate entrepreneurs in the country
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Hey guys,

In September of last year, I launched my first SCALE event.

I invited some of my top students and real estate peers to come to Utah for a 3-day workshop where we could share our experiences that have come from working in real estate.

The response was so positive and the content so valuable, that I've since done two more SCALE meet-up - one in January and other INCREDIBLE experience in October at Lake Powell - and ended up with even better results.

Now I want to invite you to join us in January 2021 for our best event yet.

Why should you come out?

Because becoming successful in real estate is a challenge.

When I first started, I quickly realized the importance of surrounding yourself  with other successful real estate entrepreneurs.

All of the online courses in the world can’t replace the value that comes from networking with people that are going through the same struggles that you’re dealing with.

Or learning from those that have built massively successful businesses.

And as a special treat...I want to meet up in my company offices, so that you get direct exposure to how I run my business.

More importantly,  the instruction you get will bring more value to your business in 4 days than you could get in years of trying to do it alone.

Schedule a call down below to reserve your ticket today, and I’ll see you in January!

- Cody

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