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My team and I are constantly adding to the library.

New interviews.

New videos.

New workshops.

You literally get it all.

I’ll walk you through everything in just a second…

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As a member, you get instant access to the most extensive and comprehensive library of wholesaling resources anywhere on the planet…

My best stuff available to you 

From my renowned wholesaling 101 masterclass to never-before-released programs on driving for dollars and cold calling.

It’s all there…

Over $10,991 of my very best resources.

(that number doesn’t include any of the add-ons or bonuses, BTW)

Plus, I’m adding new interviews, tips, and videos weekly.

And to reiterate: My renowned Wholesaling 101 program that walks you through how to quickly close your first deal, from start to finish, is INCLUDED.

(it’s a complete wholesaling roadmap that’s helped more than 3,000 people start successfully wholesaling real estate)

Others have paid as much as $4,997 just for access to this ONE program.

But it’s just 1 of 3 comprehensive courses you get for free as a member.

Plus, you’ll get…

  • My Cold Calling Masterclass
  • The #1 Driving 4 Dollars Course in the nation
  • Unlimited support
  • And much, MUCH more (details below)

Even our enormously popular weekly case studies and Tip Tuesdays are part of the deal.

And we’re always churning out new workshops, videos, and templates.

(so much so, I’m sure I’m forgetting some of what’s inside)

As a member, you’ll not only get FREE access to all of it — but you’ll be among the first to unlock and use our latest and greatest resources.

And there’s plenty more where that came from.

Access everything today… and get on the fast track to closing deals and cashing checks.

But first, here’s just a partial list of what’s included:

More Than $10,991 Worth of 
Programs & Resources…
At Your Fingertips

Wholesaling 101: 
The Complete Roadmap to Wholesaling
Real Estate

Feel that first 5-figure check in your hands in as little as 30 days following a crystal-clear plan. This is what I used to do 6-figures in deals my first 6 months wholesaling (and millions since). With it, wholesaling is simple, quick, and nearly impossible to mess up. 
(regular price: $4,997)

The #1 Driving 4 Dollars Course In The Nation

Turn a $32 tank of gas into thousands of dollars in deals. You can make a killing from your car when you know how to drive for dollars. I spill all my secrets inside. 
(regular price: $1,997)

Cold Calling Masterclass

Dial with confidence, avoid the awkward conversations, and rack up unlimited leads to turn into unlimited deals. My easy-to-follow strategy and scripts transform your phone into a
money-making machine.
(regular price: $3,997)

But that’s not all… 

you also get FREE unlimited access to all of the following:

FREE Access to the Closer’s Cavern 
Video Archives

Skyrocket your close rate and never blow a deal again when you crack open this vault of previously unreleased meetings with the best “closers” in the world. Now that you know how to get deals, use this to close them like clockwork.

FREE Web Lead Workshop

This bite-sized training is easily digested in one sitting. Inside, I’ll show you how to turn leads into deals as you work the web. Master this and you can automate some of your most tedious to-dos … so you can make more and work less.

FREE Wholesaling 101 
Support Archives

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get extra support. Learn from the people who have been in your shoes by tapping into a goldmine of coaching calls hosted by yours truly. If you’re new, this is priceless. And it makes the perfect 1-2 punch of support with this next resource...

Premium Partner Discounts

Once you start closing deals, you can multiply your income & your free time with tools that do the heavy lifting for you. Skip the research & save thousands with the deepest discounts on tested-and-proven tools I use every single day in my business.

Template Toolbox

Get all the contracts, scripts, spreadsheets, and checklists my team and I use to find and close deals lightning-fast … and ensure we make the most on each one. Use these to close more deals faster (and avoid all the rookie mistakes and costly surprises along the way). 

So, What’s It All Worth?

As I pointed out, the library grows every week.

I’m still cooking up new things to add based on feedback from our graduates and learnings from our latest deals.

And just to be 100% clear:

Every New Video, Training, & Course
We Offer Down the Road Is
Automatically Included

These programs have helped total newbies turn their ambition into hundreds of thousands of dollars in their pockets … and millions in deals … no matter their age, experience, background, or location.

In other words, you’ll have everything you need to make bank in real estate no matter who you are — or where you are.

How much is it to gain 24-7 access to my entire library of products — worth well over $10,991 when it’s all said and done?

Plus every new resource we add from here on out — for as long as you’re a member?

I created this for ambitious self-starters who understand the immense value of having step-by-step coaching and expert advice available to them, whenever they need it.

From day 1 to year 1 and beyond.

So they can close more deals, earn more money, and enjoy more freedom.

That’s why, right now, you can get our best deal ever.

Even if we offered this at a 25% discount, it would be a great deal at upwards at $8249 a year or $687 a month…

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Just $297 down gets You

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But there’s one more thing I’d like to offer you — a little “push” if you’re somehow still on the fence.

Free Support From Me & My Team … 24/7

Ask questions and get expert answers — fast. 

Advice, support, and motivation are yours 24-7 so you never feel lost, alone, or confused on this journey. And you never have to look anywhere else for help.

Anytime you have a question, hit a snag, or need a hand, my experts and I are literally ready and waiting to help you out. 

(no matter the situation, we’ve helped our students through just about everything)

In the words of Mary and Joe Lonetti,

“We wouldn’t have gotten our first deal without your support.”

Point being: We’re here for you every step of the way.

And that unlimited support is available to you for as long as you’re a member.

So, to recap...


So again, the deal as it stands now, with this special offer:

• Full access to everything we offer now and in the future.

• An affordable monthly-pay option.

• 77%+ off the total value.

• Instant and immediate access.


Joshua Hernandez in Houston who did over $60K in deals his first year...
...and $150K+ in year two.

Jordan Emrick who proved location doesn’t matter.
He’s done a quick 7 deals in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Population: 14,733
AND Jordan’s only 22 years old.


This Could Be The Moment You Look Back On & Say:
“That’s When Everything Changed For the Better.”


Go here now to secure your spot and get immediate access to everything. 

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There’s no better way to start wholesaling real estate.


P.S. I’ve tried to think of everything to make this accessible to EVERYONE:

  • Affordable pricing. 
  • Immediate (and unlimited) access to everything — no delays.
  • No long-term contract.
  • Cancel anytime. 
  • Easy access anywhere, anytime.
  • Plus every addition and enhancement we make from here on out.

If there’s anything more I can do to make this easier for you, please email me at [email protected] and let me know.

P.P.S. Here’s some more success stories to chew on. This could be YOU if you act today:

Brian Hemmerle escaped corporate America and earned more from his next 2 deals than he would have in a full year at his cubicle. 

Can you imagine that? Quitting your dayjob and multiplying your income in a fraction of the time? 
Brian just wishes he’d done it sooner.

Carrie and Corey Reyment made over $1,000,0000 in the first 6 months of 2020. And have closed a whopping 114 deals in 3 years. 

What they earned in 6 months during a pandemic, many people won’t make in their lifetime.

CJ Love is averaging a consistent 4 deals a month over the last 3 years of wholesaling.

On the low end, that’s ~$40K a month filling his pockets.
99.9% of jobs don’t pay that kind of money. And it’s more than enough to quit your full-time job, travel on a whim, and treat your family to Christmas every July.

Husband and wife duo Sarah and Phillip Arthurs have nabbed 26 deals in less than 2 years. At an average of $18,500 per deal, they’ve raked in over 481K!

That’s nearly half a million dollars in less than 2 years.
They couldn’t be happier and wealthier.

Mike Whitehead pulled in $22K in deals his first 2 months.
After calculating every possible expense, he made $20K just like that.

Like you, Mike’s a total newbie.
You almost can’t fail.


I can’t put a number on your success, because I don’t know your level of ambition.

What I can promise you is these are real stories of real students... making a killing in real estate around the world.

From tiny towns in flyover states to big cities buzzing with competition.

Even when the deck’s stacked against them, what they’re doing is working right now.

In 2021. During a pandemic. And beyond.

And they’re all using the same resources you’re about to unlock.

(in most cases, they only got a FRACTION of everything you’re getting … and they paid A LOT more for it than you will).


Your age, your background, your experience, and your location don’t matter.

Those are limiting beliefs preventing you from taking the leap and getting into wholesaling.

As long as you take action on what I’m teaching, you can do this … and do it well.

It’s time you start making money in real estate. 

And there’s no better way to get your foot in the door than this.

Opportunities like these only come once … maybe twice … in a lifetime.

Don’t let this be a missed opportunity that haunts you with regret.

Sign up today and get everything I have.

This is going to change your life for the better.

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